Alberta Game Jam is being hosted in three cities across Alberta: Calgary (Mount Royal University), Edmonton (MacEwan University), and Lethbridge (Lethbridge College) as well as online remotely. Participants are free to participate any location they prefer and is most convenient to them, and are not tied to the town/city that they live in or live closest to. Tickets are available on Eventbrite.

For physical locations, site locations may differ slightly due to venue constraints. To learn more about each site and to buy tickets for the physical locations, please visit one of the Eventbrite site links below. Your $5 reserves you a spot as space is limited due to venue constraints, as well as helps to pay for the provided snack table, pizza meal on Saturday, and any other costs associated with hosting the event.

If you are participating online, please join our Discord and register for a free ticket on the remote participation Eventbrite link below. The remote participation Eventbrite ticket will help the event organizers have a better idea of attendance numbers before and during the event so we can better serve everyone.